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The lunchbox began to move...

Young Writers Awards

St. Louis Writers Guild's annual writing contest for young writers!

Opens August 1 - Deadline November 1

*New Deadline* - all entries must be emailed or mailed on November 1


St. Louis Writers Guild has always believed in encouraging young writers. Throughout our history we have held contests for writers of all ages, and to continue that legacy we created the annual St. Louis Writers Guild’s Young Writers Awards. The contest officially opens on August 1st and will close on November 1st. Entries must be postmarked on or before November 1st.

Who is eligible? Any young writer may enter so long as they qualify for one of the two age groups. The young writers must be in 4th – 5th grade or 6th – 8th grades during the fall of the calendar year of the contest.

Write an original story that begins with the sentence: “It came from the fog...” The story may be scary, adventurous, humorous, or just plain fun. Judging will be based on originality, cohesiveness, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

A separate contest entry form must be attached to every story you send us. You may download and photocopy the entry form.

First sentence for the 2018 Young Writers Awards

The lunchbox began to move...

The next 500 words are yours. Good luck!

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2018 Young Writers Awards

6th-8th grade writers

1st Elise Humes – Something In My Lunchbox
2nd Hope Zeldin – Get that Ring!
3rd Avery Mattingly – One Person Changes Everything

Honorable Mentions
Lydia Crooks - The Lunchbox
Sonali Mehta – Broken Dreams
Yasmine Maynard - “Cage”

4th-5th Grade

1st Jason Campbell – George, The Jolly Rancher
2nd Millie Holekamp – Pandora’s Lunchbox
3rd Avi Zucker, Aimee Dalton – Pitchfork Lunch

Honorable Mentions
Quinn Puga – The Orangutan’s Contract
Fiona Morayta – Squirrelzilla!
Hannah Hirsch – My Brother’s Star Wars Lunch Box

Thank you to everyone who entered, there were almost 200 hundred entries this year!