Resources for Writers

Writers… need some help? Try these, hopefully they will help. Feel free to contact SLWG with questions too. We’re here to help!

Quick Note: Members, there is another Resource Section for Writers in the SLWG Members Room. If you can’t find it here, it might be there.

Do you know of a resource not listed that writers need to know about. Please contact SLWG and tell us.


Friends of SLWG

MWG - Missouri Writers Guild


St. Louis Writers Guild is a chapter of Missouri Writers Guild.
Missouri Writers Guild is the state level, writers organization for professional writers.

Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts


The VLAA is an excellent resource for all writers.
Because the arts enrich their lives, more than 300 accountants and attorneys are supporting Missouri and Illinois artists and cultural organizations by providing direct professional services through VLAA.
Visit to learn more.


Writer Beware


Writer Beware is a publishing watchdog group sponsored by SWFA, Science Fiction Writers of America.

Funds for Writers


Funds for Writers has information on freelance opportunities, grants, and more. This is not a paid endorsement for Funds for Writers, they come up a lot at the meetings.


Writers Digest

Writers Digest.jpg

Writers Digest is an excellent resource for writers. They have articles on all aspects of the publsihing industry, plus webinars, and more. This is not a paid endorsement for Writers Digest, but they come up at a lot of the meetings.