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Books by members or produced by St. Louis Writers Guild

End of Year Scribe Cover 2016.jpg

The Scribe 2016

The Scribe was a literary magazine produced by St. Louis Writers Guild. This is a collection of all the issues from 2016. The Scribe 2016 is available in Paperback and ebook.
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The Scribe 2015

The Scribe was a literary magazine written and produced by St. Louis Writers Guild. Each issue is available as an ebook for free, and then the year’s articles were complied for a collection. The Scribe 2015 is available in paperback.
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Books by St. Louis Writers Guild Members

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freeman front cover.jpg
The Open Road front cover.jpg
Twisted Destinies by Leigh Savage.jpg
Iron Horsemen by Brad R Cook.jpg
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threadcaster by jennifer stolzer.jpg
A Differeent Kind of Sentinel EJ Drury II.jpg
Labyrinth of Time by TW Fendley.jpg
Crimes of Design sm-Cover.jpg
river splits
Lies that Bind Ed Protzel.jpg