Thank You Volunteers!
SLWG is an all volunteer organization.


Gateway Con Staff

Help with the writers conference and book fair. There is a ton to do from working tables, helping in the office, or helping with social media. Staff doesn’t get to attend the conference but pitch sessions, and master classes are available and of course you’ll be at all the event.  


On-Site Staff
Registration Table
SLWG Book Table
Room Monitor
Pitch Session Coordinator
Speaker Shepherds
Tech Assistant
Social Media Coordinator
Office Duties

Meets once a month

Marketing Committee
Social Media Contributor
Poster/Flyer Designer
Contacting Media
Posting Event Media
Contacting Vendors
Video production

Meets once a week

Other Jobs
Panel Moderator
Contest Entry Reader



SLWG Event Volunteers

SLWG has a monthly meeting, a quarterly open mic night, and special events throughout the year. Help setup and run these events, or maybe just be a reporter for The Scribe Blog.
Thank you for helping!


Workshops for Writers
SLWG Member Table
Event Reporter
Media Postings
Live Tweeting

Community Events
SLWG Member Table
Event Moderator
Event Setup
Live Tweeting
Contest Entry Reader

Open Mic Night
Time Keeper


Board Members and Other Critical Duties

Help out too much and you’ll be tapped, if you wish to assist in running the organization. Everyone in SLWG serves at their leisure, sure there are rules, but we believe in helping all writers.


Volunteer Jobs for St. Louis Writers Guild

SLWG only thrives because of dedicated volunteers.
If you’d like to help and see a way listed that you can help - please contact

David Lucas

Jessica Matthews
VP of Events

Jamie Krakover

Jennifer Stolzer

T.W. Fendley
VP of Programs

Lauren Miller
Director of Communications

Brad R. Cook

SLWG Committee Coordinators
Amy Zlatic
Membership Coordinator

Cherie Postill
Social Media Coordinator

Ryan P. Freeman
Gateway Con Marketing


Social Media Poster - Under Director of Communications
We need a volunteer to post events and content to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.
Commitment Required - A couple of hours a week.
Posts are scheduled and content needs to be updated every couple of days. Especially before events.

100th Anniversary Committee
We need volunteers to help plan and execute the 100th Anniversary Festivities.
SLWG is planning on multiple events thought the 99th & 100th Anniversary years.
Meetings will be held with Zoom and online meeting software like Skype or GoTo Meeting. All that is required to participate is a pc or smart phone. Meetings are every two weeks as needed.