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Find out more about Gateway Con by clicking on the PDF below.
The schedule for Gateway Con is posted.

For now it is a basic outline, but soon it be a specific list of workshops and panels.

Shortly before the conference we'll post the complete and final schedule for both the writer's conference and the readers convention. 
Downloadable Schedule

A full schedule and program will be available shortly before the conference. You'll even be able to have it on your phone!

The Safe 
Side of the Fence 
a doc film 
written and directed by Tony West
presented by 
St. Louis Press Club
6pm at Gateway Con! 
Schedule for 
Gateway to Publishing 
Conference and Convention
"Writers at the Rivers"
June 16 - 18, 2017 
Renaissance Hotel in St. Louis, MO
Gateway Con Schedules 
Note: The times and order are subject to change. Information will be filled in as it is finalized. 
Writer's Conference
The paid portion. Three days of programming - 28 workshops, 9 writer panels, master classes, and more...

For only $250 (pitches and dinner included)
Friday, June 16, 2017 
12pm - Conference Opens

1-2pm - Perfect your Pitch
2-3pm - Workshop 
3-4pm - The Author / Publisher 
              Relationship with Cynthia 
              Graham and Jennifer Geist 
4:30-5pm - Meet the Faculty
5-7pm - First Pages Reading - bring 
               the 1st two pages of your WIP
7-9pm - Genre Talk, 
               a cocktail party for writers 
               sponsored by the 
               St. Louis Press Club

Saturday, June 17, 2017
9am - Conference Opens 

10am - Marquee Panel with the authors - The Best Part of Being an Author

11am-6pm - Four Workshops Tracks
Track One
    * Author Workshops from... 
How to Quietly Make Six Figures in Indie Publishing with Angie Fox 

Tips for Sci-fi Writers with Ann Leckie, 

First Chapters with Eileen Dryer,

Making Words Come to Life with Cynthia Graham, 

Getting Published with Stephanie Hansen, 

Plus workshops from Jennifer Geist, Justin Wells, and more

Track Two
    * Literary Org Workshops from 
St Louis Writers Guild 
Missouri Romance Writers 
St. Louis Publishers Association
Saturday Writers
St. Louis Chapter of Sisters in Crime
and the St. Louis Press Club

Track Three
    * Six Workshops 
Like The Basics of Book Covers, Voice Over and Audio Books, and more.

Track Four
    * Six Writer Panels 
Like What Makes a Great Villain?, The Mysteries of the Amazon, Social Media for Authors, and more!

7pm-10pm Gala Dinner
Sunday, June 18, 2017
9am - Conference Opens

     * Author Workshops 
     * Writer Panels
     * Live recording of 
        Write Pack Radio

10am-12pm Master Classes


Author Hall Events
Free to attend! 
Authors reserve a table at this great book fair! 
Friday, June 16, 2017 
12pm - Author Hall Opens 

1pm-6pm Reader Events
     Author Readings and 
                   Book Signings 
     Author Panels for Readers 
                   (various topics) 
6pm - The Safe Side of the Fence 
            a Documentary Film by 
            Tony West, from the 
            St. Louis Press Club

Saturday, June 17, 2017
9am - Author Hall Opens

11am-5pm Reader Events 
     * Author Readings and 
                      Book Signings
     * Author Panels for Readers                                     (various topics) 
6pm - Author Hall Closes 
Sunday, June 18, 2017
9am - Author Hall Opens 

10am-12pm - Reader Events 
     * Author Readings and Book Signings
     * Author Panels for Readers

1pm - Author Hall Closes


Details of the events at Gateway Con!

Multiple workshops an hour.
These hour long sessions will be on a variety of topics from improving your writing to navigating the publishing industry. 

There will be over 30 workshops to attend - access to all of them is included in registration.
Writer Panels

These hour-long sessions will feature multiple authors talking about a certain topic, these discussions will allow for more interaction and a greater variety of viewpoints on the subject. 

There will be over 10 Writer Panels - they are only available to conference attendees and are included in registration. 
Affiliated Organization Workshops
Get to know some of the other literary organizations in St. Louis. Several groups who are affiliated with St. Louis Writers Guild will be presenting workshops based on their areas of expertise. 

These hour-long sessions are available only to conference attendees and are included in registration. 
Master Classes

These 2 hour sessions allow for intensive instruction into a single topic. They are taught by industry professional and will take place at various times during the conference. 

Attendees are limited to 10-20 people. 

Master Classes are an additional $50 per class. 
Networking Events

There will be chances for conference attendees to network with each other. There will also be a chance to interact with the conference faculty. 

The networking events are included in registration and are only available to conference attendees. 
Pitch Sessions

Have a completed project? Pitch your work to the literary agents, publishers, and editors who are at Gateway Con. 

Registered attendees can sign up for two pitch sessions (as long as spots are available, and on a first- come, first-serve basis) at no additional cost, this included in the price of the conference. 

Attendees are encouraged to read over the bios of each faculty member and select the appropriate pitch session. If you do not get the one you wish, or if there are more than two that you wish we encourage you to contact them after the conference and mention that you were an attendee. 

There will also be remote pitching at the conference... more to come.
Genre Talk 

It's been a staple of Writers in the Park for seven years and now it's getting bigger and coming to Gateway Con! 

Genre Talk is a genre specific networking event. We'll divide the room into genres. Feel free to hang out with writers who write the same stuff as you, or mingle between the groups and see where you fit best. Friendships and critique partners have formed from this event. Who knows what will happen when writers get together... 

Plus this year, we'll have some food and drinks to enjoy during the event. This networking time is sponsored by the St. Louis Press Club.